Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the eve of Sundace annoucements

For those who are 'in the know' it's about the time that filmmakers who submitted to Sundance find out if their film made it into the festival. The lucky ones that get in are contact usually about 7 - 10 days before the announcements so that they can gear up for any PR that might come with 'being chosen'

This year I had 3 films submitted that I worked on. I 100% know that one doesn't have a chance but the other two do. They do because they are just better than your average indie flick but they are missing that Sundacey mojo. These films are not about odd sexual behavior, drug abuse and they lack the slow/depressing power duo that make arthouse films. They just have a solid story, acted well, shot very well, edited very well and of course have scored that really are great.

I'll be a little depressed if one of the two don't make it. Less for myself, I've been to park city twice already, but more for these film makers that are really good, have great vision and could really develop into great filmmakers. If it isn't Sundanc e for them, I really hope Slamdance is there to pick them up!

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