Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Composer Union - Why Now

So, why start talking seriously about composers unionizing?

You mean besides, why not? or It's about time!

Why? because there is the potential of it actually happening. For those who did not follow the election (I've been guilty of that in the past) or those who might have but not looked below the surface of what this candidates represented....well, this might be the most progressive president we will have since I've been alive.

I think that the common definition on a Progressive would be a liberal who acts.

One of the key components of the Progressive agenda is Labor. The key implementation of supporting Labor is court appointments. Judges that will actually uphold the laws already on the books.

So if there are, hopefully, many Labor-friendly court appointments, than the effort of composers to organize is that much more realistic.

How will we know if this mood is out there. That labor is favored in the courts? I would guess there will be a bell-weather organization effort that could not happen under two circumstances. One, the organization of service workers in 'big box stores' or the unionization of Japanese auto plants in the US. If the stock boy at Home Depot is being offered to be in a union, then composers should act as well. (and realistically now should be the time to research what has gone wrong in the past)

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djkamakaze said...

Hey there,

Another L.A. composer here.

I have always thought that was a good idea. I a setting up a wordpress based and one thing I am planning is a musicians co-op. We should talk.